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Influence of Ethiopia on Socio-political Puzzles in the Horn of Africa


Ethiopia is the largest and populated country in the Horn of African – with a over one hundred million people, its big country with a huge number of populations which can be approximately the sum of all its neighbors in the region such as Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti Eritrea, Uganda and southern Sudan. But unfortunately this is the largest land-locked state in the world and Africa as well.

The new prime-minister from the largest part of the country (Oromo) came to the power due to years of uprisings and clashes against the government in Addis-Ababa led by his tribesmen; he urgently started turning the direction of Ethiopian policy into 3600, one by ending all long stranded and historic enmity between Ethiopia and its neighbors such as Eritrea and Somalia as well as created and called for calm relationship with both Djibouti and Egypt by taking the touch of peace and mutual interest by his right hand and economic ties with is left hand.  

Ethiopian economic growth is said to be 7% per year therefore prime-minister Abiy realized that this historic prosperity cannot succeeded without the help and giving mutual respect and interest to the all people around him. In other-words since Somalis are the closest neighbor of this big land-locked nation along every side and they have the longest sea shores in the horn and the second in all African states, they should benefit the new vision of Mr. Abiy Ahmed and to get this business chance they must open the doors of their borders to the Ethiopian imports and exports, to attain a multi million profit and a higher economic growth.

Good starting steps have been taken to that direction a trilateral agreement between Emirate’s port management company of DP world, Ethiopia and the self declared state of Somaliland has been signed. This agreement gives a large share of state from the extension and modernization of the historic port of Berbera to Ethiopia, this deal is welcomed throughout the region, and mean while same voices have been heard from the Somalia’s federal government in Mogadishu since the although not acted yet.

All in all, as Abiy has kicked of the game of peace and reconciliation in the region, I advise fellow dwellers of Horn of Africa to emulate the initiative that brought these dramatic changes in the Horn of Africa – championed by the Ethiopian leader by creating a warm welcoming weather and investment conditions for citizens and foreign investors.




By Ismail Hussein Da’ar

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