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Tuesday, December 4, 2018, Bronx, New York—New Yorkers just celebrated the third National Public Safety Honor Day by converging to their local Precincts to honor their public safety agents with flowers and ‘thank you’ plaques.  Some groups congregated in designated venues to hold “Appreciation Walk” to their Precincts. 

Indeed achieving the “Safest Big City” in nation status did not happen in vacuum. It’s the result of competency, professionalism, dedication to law and order, and a tremendous law enforcement sacrifices.  

As a result of these trends in the city’s crime and violence, New Yorkers today showed how grateful they are to their public safety personnel for the downward spiral of crimes and violence in the last several years. The drastic drop of murder numbers from over two thousand (2000) in the nineties down to less than three hundred (300) last year is a great news for all New Yorkers particularly those living in high crime neighborhoods.  Thanks to NYPD and other public safety agencies for saving our lives and fortunes 24/7. Thank You!
Presenting Thnak You plaque to Deputy Inpector Gurley at 43rd Precinct during 3rd National Public Safety Honor Day.Giving flowers to FireFighters during third National Public Safety Honor Day in the Bronx.

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