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Boroughwide Weekly Dinners:

It you have not been a full participants of our Weekly Community Dinners, please do yourselves favors by participating. We live in close proximity with each other without having any meaningful social or neighborly interactions. Often times tragedies bring us together as strangers although we may live on the same block, send our children to same schools and go to the same medical centers.

We form opinions about each other, mostly negative, without investing time and effort to know each other. Everybody has opinions about Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Indian, Europeans, Christens, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish, Muslims, whites, blacks, etc…

During these dinners, we become true neighbors. We talk to each other neighborly. We discuss our common interests and mutual desires. We break bread together. We learn about each other intimately. We develop love for one another through understanding more of each other’s backgrounds, cultures, traditions, values, spirituality, priorities, etc…

These dinners disrupt loneliness, depression, and vulnerability. We become parts of each other and support mechanism to one aother. We become informed neighbors and nurturers of our human family. With this developed neighborliness, we embrace diversity and togetherness.

This brings public safety, public harmony and collective public wellness. The dinners save precious lives and finite public resources. #cpsnd #ilovethebronx #nyc #nycpublicsafety #cpsp

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