November 29, 2022
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My Letter to Pope Francis

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By Ibrahim Kurtulus

My Letter to Pope Francis

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City

December 6, 2018

Your Holiness:

I write to express my disappointed that you have ignored our letter from nearly one year-and-a-half ago, when we explained your "Armenian genocide" conclusion was not based upon facts and leads to racial hatred. In case this letter never reached you, we are including it again.

A June 20, 2018 article from the Catholic News Agency had quoted you in its headline as having referred to "God's Children." We are sure you meant we are all God's children. Besides neglecting the evidence for the "genocide" conclusion you had reached, you ignored the monumental crimes of the Armenians.

A 1995 book by authors Pope and Wheal tells us on p. 34 that Armenians, by December of 1914, had “slaughtered an estimated 120,000 non-Armenians while the Turkish Army was preoccupied with mobilization,” that is, before the government took any action against Armenians, on "April 24, 1915." The Armenians had rebelled, and their resulting relocation was a “legitimate security measure” against a “fifth column,” in the words of no less than Wellington House British propagandist Arnold Toynbee (once he became a legitimate historian; Acquaintances, 1967, pp. 241-242).

When you ignored the 529,000 Turks, Muslims and Jews that the Armenians systematically mass-murdered, this tells us you have excluded these victims from the ranks of "God's children." In the 1980s, the Turks dug up mass graves as evidence for an uncaring and racist world []; meanwhile, the worst Armenian propagandist (Dadrian) has written [] that his "genocide" "had all but run its course" by the Fall of 1915. Not only would it have made no sense for this supposed extermination campaign to have stopped before the job was done, but if (let's say) 1 million Armenians were "massacred" (the propaganda commonly states "1.5 million") in 100 days (the relocation began on June 2, 1915), that would mean 10,000 Armenians would have needed to be killed per day, requiring many football stadium sized graveyards. How is it possible there is not one corroborated excavation? As the genocide industry is wealthy, they could have easily financed an excavation in Syria.

Here is how the "Armenian genocide" museum in Yerevan that you visited "proved" their genocide hoax: They were low enough to utilize the forgeries of Aram Andonian. Please learn about him from what a real historian has written, under the "Naim Bey" subheading: []. Andonian himself admitted his work was propaganda in a 1937 letter to Mary Terzian, and the British rejected his fakery while attempting to find evidence for their "Nuremberg," the abortive 1919-21 Malta Tribunal.

While the Ottomans took 1,673 Turks who had harmed Armenians to court during the war, punishing ten percent of decided cases with execution, no mass-murdering Armenian has ever been tried by Armenian authorities.

Most Holy Father, you have committed a terrible wrong by making a criminal accusation that creates so much hatred, without making sure the evidence was in place. If you have read our 2017 letter, you have added to your wrong by remaining silent, and by not correcting your error immediately. We are adding a "Fact Sheet" for you to consider.


Ibrahim Kurtulus

Paris Conference Commission on Responsibilities, March 29, 1919 report headed by U.S. Secretary of State Robert Lansing, preliminarily "more than 200,000" total Armenian losses, only 8,200 from murder (derived from three sources, all Armenian; the murderers were rogue elements). Contrast with the typical claim, as provided by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 2016: "More than 1.5 million innocent Armenian children, women, and men were systematically slaughtered." [1]

Pre-war population, consensus: 1.5 million [2]. Survivors: 1.0 million [3]. Remainder of 500,000 mainly died of famine and disease, the same as most of everyone else [4], even the soldiers. ("Since the beginning of the war, even bread is almost unobtainable." U.S. Consul/former missionary Leslie Davis, Slaughterhouse Province, p. 38.) Many Armenians who died violently died in battle, because the Armenians rebelled. ("The Armenians have been belligerents de facto, since they indignantly refused to side with Turkey." Leader Boghos Nubar, Jan. 30, 1919, The Times of London.)

It's not just the lack of evidence; many existing facts tell us a genocide would have been impossible. For example:
1) Forty-eight gendarmes died while defending marching Armenians from descending (mainly Kurdish) tribes. 
2) There are many documents in the secret, internal records of the Ottoman archives, insuring the Armenians' welfare.
3) 1,673 Turks were taken to court during the war for harming Armenians, ten percent of decided cases executed.
4) Talat Pasha allowed nominal enemy America to feed the Armenians he was supposed to be exterminating (in 1917, after diplomatic ties were broken), excluding equally starving Turks. (Story of Near East Relief, James Barton, 1930.)
5) 350,000-500,000 Armenians, mainly in the western region and away from the war zone, were exempted from the temporary relocation, borne of military necessity [5]. Think of the Jews of Berlin, Munich, Cologne being untouched.

Logic: Three wars (Italo-Turkish, 1911-12, Balkan Wars 1 & 2, 1912-13) ended one year before WWI began in 1914, straining the bankrupt "Sick Man," suffering from severe shortages of manpower and resources, needing every man to defend 7,500 miles of fronts being invaded by three dismemberment-minded powers. This would have been an insane time to conduct an expensive "genocide" for no reason, after allowing Armenians to live and prosper for 500 years.

From the book, Armenia at the Crossroads (1991): "…To curse at Muslims and especially at Turks, to talk much about the Armenian Genocide, and to remind others constantly of the brutality of the Turks are all regarded as expressions of patriotism." This is an extraordinary psychological phenomenon, unique for how monolithic it is. The hatred is passed on through the generations, when children are susceptible. A 2016 student subjected to "learning of the Armenian Genocide from her grandmother as a young girl." [6] When actor Eric Bogosian was four-years-old, his grandfather would tell him "horrific narratives," at the end of which he instructed the boy: "If you ever meet a Turk, kill him." [7]

Turkey, both Ottoman and Republic, saved Jews and allowed them to live in peace since the 14th cent./Inquisition [8] to the Holocaust [9], the WWII period when "Aryan" Armenians eagerly joined the Third Reich. Prof. McCarthy, 2002's "The Destruction of Ottoman Erzurum by Armenians": "It is often falsely claimed that the Turks committed a genocide of the Armenians. Yet this was the real genocide, a genocide of the Turks." Total killed: 529,000. British Col. Wooley estimated the Armenians eliminated between 300,000-400,000 in two districts alone (Van and Bitlis; U.S. Archives, 12.9.1919, 184.021/265). Two Turk-biased Americans were "incredulous" to discover the Armenians' campaign, on-the-spot in 1919. [10] The Armenians were "bent on destroying anything and anybody remotely Jewish and/or Muslim." [11] Jews had a near 2,000 year presence [12] in today's Armenia, and today hardly any are left. [13] Today's Armenia used to be mainly Muslim (Tatars), targeted in a second extermination effort. (See, e.g., Men Are Like That, 1926.)

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