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Education First Before Legalization 


By Aldo Rafeal Perez

Governor Mario Cuomo has promised that within his first 100 days of his 3rd term legislation to legalize recreational use of Marijuana to be set as legal, but what about our educating our youths? 

While many believe that smoking pot is harmless we must understand and research the implementation of a statewide educational legislative proposal that may deter well-documented use by youths. NYS Senate which has proposed majority of the legislation of legalization a responsibility must be proposed by our NYS Assembly to work on an educational legislative solution for our youths. Recreational use in the United States have not yet proved any success within its present statue and with the illegal sales presently in NYC, we have a higher risk than other states on a black market enterprise of sales to our youths which will be a major concern. 

Medicinal use is not a problem it's calling a drug recreational that has many concerned. Let's not make the same mistakes of with the sale and legalization of Alcohol lead to our state to future havoc….

Aldo Rafael Perez 
Executive Director of Governmental Affairs / Public Relations 
New York Political Coalition 
John Perez 87th NYS Assembly District Leader

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