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Dear fellow Bronxites,

It is with great honor and joy that I write to remind you of our upcoming Community Peace Dinner on Friday, February 1, 2019, 6-8pm. 

The Arab community of the Bronx, widely known for its generosity, has been generously hosting these Community Public Safety Dinners since last year.

Al Shaibi Community Center hosts its monthly dinners on the first Friday of each month. Through these gathering, the residents of the Bronx have the opportunity to break bread with their mostly immigrant neighbors and openly discuss communal issues, public safety, economic opportunities, and mutually beneficial neighborly affairs during these dinners. Through these fellowships, ignorance of each other disappears and the love for one’s neighbor is easily achieved. 

We encourage our fellow Bronxites who patronize these local small businesses to find out how they can participate in these neighborly conversations. Because the more we know each other, the better our relationships as neighbors would become. We thank the Arab community, especially the South Yemeni business owners, for their generosity and neighborliness. Thank you!

For further information about Al Shaibi Community Center, TBS New Direction, Community Peacebuilding Commission, I AM My Community or Community Public Safety Partnership, you can call 718-822-5555 or follow us on facebook. #tbsnewdirection, #iammycommunity,#cpsp, #alshaibicommunitycenter, #gangfreezone ,#ilovethebronx, #nyclove, #cppo 

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