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The Holy Quran, Holy Torah, and the Holy Bible All Defend the Sanctity of Life


By Revened Ruben Diaz
You should know that on January 22nd, 2019, New York State became the abortion capital of the United States. On that day, the New State Senate and Assembly, along with Governor Andrew Cuomo passed and signed into law the most barbaric abortion expansion law this country has ever seen.
To the horror of many, once he signed the bill into law, Governor Andrew Cuomo called for a citywide and statewide celebration.
It is important for you to know that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abortion expansion law will permit abortion right up until the day before the child is due to be born at full term. Babies who survive these late term abortions will no longer be provided any medical treatment, though alive.
It is very disappointing to know that, with the exception of two (2) Senators Joseph Addabbo and Simcha Felder, every other single democratic senators including the six (6) Hispanic; Gustavo Rivera, Luis Sepulveda, Jose Marco Serrano, Monica Martinez, Jessica Ramos, an Julia Salazar they all voter for this atrocity that will allow late term abortion.
His law will repeal protections against illegal abortions, such as criminal acts of violence against mothers and their pre-born children, or self- proclaimed abortion providers operating at will.

His law will continue to plague Black and Hispanic communities, calling upon expectant women from our communities to continue to sacrifice the lives of their children so that the multi-million abortion industry can continue to grow. Our Black and Hispanic children will continue to be seen as burdens instead of the treasures they truly are.
As you know, I served in the New York State Senate for 16 years and spent much of the past 12 years working as hard as possible to prevent what they initially called the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) from passing in the Senate.
You should know that when I first wrote a column about the RHA in 2008, I was lambasted by my former Democratic colleagues in the Senate who told me that I was misinformed and what I wrote was untrue. Oh how wrong they were!
They told me that the bill they wanted to shove through and enact into law was good for women, even though we all know it will result in dangerous health and safety risks to New York's women.

I fought with them about the possibility, under this bill, for any 13-year-old girl to have an abortion performed by an under-qualified medical practitioner, while her parents didn't even need to know about it.
I fought with my colleagues for 12 years, I wrote articles, I attended meetings, and I spoke on the Floor of the Senate. I participated in peaceful interfaith prayer vigils.
In fact, the last time the late-term abortion rights bill came to the Floor when I was in the Senate (it was then called the Women’s Equality Act) I spoke at length on the Senate Floor. The only two Democrats who voted against the bill were Senator Simcha Felder, a devout Jew who told me that he fears the Lord and myself, a Pentecostal minister.
Since I left the Senate to serve in the New York City Council, I have continued to raise my voice, not only as an elected official, but also in my capacity as one of New York’s religious leaders to protect all human life. In fact on January 17th, just days before this bill became law, I held a press conference on the steps of City Hall with a multitude of Evangelical Christians to denounce this inhumane piece of legislation.
I must congratulate Democrat Senator Joseph Addabbo for joining Simcha Felder and the 22 Republican Senators who voted NAY. According to an article on January 27th, 2019 by Jimmy Vielkind in The Wall Street Journal, Senator Addabbo stated: “I felt someone had to stick up for that child that could live outside the womb.”
Good for him and for all of us who will continue to fight the good fight and protect babies and their mothers!
This will involve a great deal of spiritual warfare, and you should all know that the members of my congregation where I preside as Pastor of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church, along with the 150 Evangelical ministers who are members of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization where I preside as President, will not despair.
We pray that our courts will overturn Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abortion expansion law and decide for the equal rights for every child in his or her mother’s womb. We pray to have that same right to life as children in neonatal intensive care units throughout New York where medical professionals fight to save precious lives.
While radical late-term abortion bills are rearing their ugly heads in statehouses all over the country, we will continue to pray. We will pray for Virginia Democrats who squirm to defend infanticide legislation allowing abortion as a mother is giving birth, leaving the infant to die.

Many people of faith, many atheists and many Democrats believe that dismembering an unborn child is a human rights violation. It’s time to raise our voices and make this our priority when we go to the polls.
Ladies and gentlemen, we may be ostracized and even persecuted for protecting innocent children and their mothers, and insisting that their lives should be nourished instead of destroyed. As they say, if you don’t take the heat now, you will have to take it later. The Holy Quran, Holy Torah, and the Holy Bible all defend the sanctity of life.
I am New York City Councilman Reverend Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.

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