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By A. Supreme

You just found out from the Pediatrician that your child has asthma…

What do you do?

A) Notify the authorities
B) Go to DEFCON 1
C) Don't panic you got this 

Okay…definitely not A or B and although C may seem like a stretch, believe me with actionable data, the right equipment and a good prescription plan you can handle the situation that I can tell you.  You're going to have to make some changes though Bigly.  Changes like you've never made in the history of changes. And that's not going to be easy.  For example…Got wall-to-wall carpet?  It's gotta go!  Dust? Well dust mites and asthmatic kids don't get along well.  Got a cat or a dog?  Better identify a family member or friend who can adopt them with the last resort being the ASPCA because pet dander is a major trigger for asthmatic episodes in children. Do you smoke cigarettes?  I can't tell you to stop even though you should but I will say if you're going to smoke make sure you're at least two football fields away from the kids when you do because second hand smoke is el numero uno (#1) on the "I have an asthmatic child" taboo list. There are plenty of other triggers and ways to avoid or eliminate them that we will discuss in future articles.  

So welcome Soldier to my Asthma Prevention Boot Camp!  A valuable community service that I wish we had when the pediatrician told us our three-month-old twins had asthma.  Somehow we made it through those years and today the twins are 28 years old and caring for themselves. 
Remember…communicate with your families healthcare team before making any changes. 

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Asthma Prevention Boot Camp

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