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Bronx, New York, Sunday, March 10, 2019—after witnessing the horrendous tragedy of World Trade Center’s terroristic attacks in September 2001, we spent the next several months searching for answers and questioning all that we’ve held dear to us. After finding that ignorance was the culprit, we’ve committed ourselves to getting rid of ignorance that leads to hatred, extremism, poverty, violence and misguided enmity.  And to date, we’ve never wavered or relent on this noble pursuit. 

We’ve spent the first decade following World Trade Center attacks studying the art of peaceful coexistence and the root causes of conflict, extremism and hatred.  At the end, Peace December was officially launched in New York City to help us promote a peaceful coexistence within our diverse human family. 

This year, we cordially invite friends and peaceful coexistence stakeholders to join the celebration of first decade of Peace December, a blissful milestone indeed. And Organizations and businesses that are interested in cohosting this humanitarian event, can send their logos to info@peacedecember.org.  volunteers and donors are welcome. 

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