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Ron " Bee- Stinger' Savage has taken the Hip Hop Movement and aimed it at on demand TV with the Hip Hop Movement Open Mic Tour which is a podcast, Talk, Music show aim at on demand networks.

Ron Savage has landed his episodes on Video Music King which you can watch if you have a Roku TV and also The On Channel if you have a smart TV or Amazon Fire stick. Both networks are International Networks.

Ron Savage states he can talk about anything he wants to talk about with no restrictions which he says is a great thing.

Ron Savage laughs and says you'll never guess how I record my shows, I record them from my phone sitting in my living room or at workshops. Technology of today is great you can be on television just by recording from your smartphone and don't need a lot of money, says Ron.

I plan on making this a Vehicle for independent artist and organizations who don't get no coverage. I know how it is, Im not like certain people or certain DJ's and i will leave that were it is at Savage said.

Im looking foward to anyone who wants to work with me to make our communities better, I love organizations like TBS New Direction who are about community. We need more of that positive energy and that's what the Hip Hop Movement Open Mic Tour broadcast is all about.

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