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A Much Needed Organization in the Bronx the Bronx Chapter of the National Action Network

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NAN Bronx Chapter Monthly Town Hall members meeting on May 4th, 2019 was very informative and stimulating!!!!! As the program moved on it picked up  a momentous energy which captivated the audience as many were able to identify with the topic of mental health directly. They even had a new member that traveled all the way from long island, because she heard about the work that the NAN Bronx chapter is doing. She broke down in tears as she told about her ten year history of post traumatic stress that led to a mental health breakdown, luckily the NAN Bronx chapter Director of Crisis Intervention Ricardo Shark and NAN Bronx chapter President  Dr. Phillip Gates Jordan were there to consoled her and began the healing process with spiritual praise and then the hands on process of allocating resources immediately  to help the woman with her case.

Dr. Jamaal Bowman, principal of Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School joined and gave some well needed insight on the importance of leadership, family values and mental health awareness within the black community. He then introduced the next guest M.C Sha Rock, Hip Hop Culture's First Female Emcee. She gave a brief hip hop history lesson about her contribution to hip hop's legacy and then told about her new film endeavor which will depict her life story. The legendary Tony Wave Wesley of the world famous break dance group "the New York city Breakers" spoke about the highlights of travelling the world and fulfilling his dream. Mt Vernon City Council Woman Delia Farquharson spoke about her long history of Community and family engagement and gave some great statistics involving mental health cases in the Westchester and NYC area, she also gave citations to the NAN Bronx Chapter Executive Board members. Robert Jackson, Community Activist and County Committee member  connects the dots and brings many organizations together to work with each other to strengthen networks and centralize resources.The African Immigrants Commission of NY& CT Chairman Mory Kouyate and it's  Commissioner of family affairs Khady Diaby both spoke and closed out the program with mental health solutions from an international perspective.

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