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Dear Muslims,

For the sake of Ramadan and the precious lives, dignity and future of Palestinians being lost, please use the intellect Allah, SW, mercifully blessed us with. From the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century, the Arab world adamantly refused to even consider the idea of Jewish State in it’s midst. Both Arabs and Jews (for different objectives) were on the side of British in its plan to eliminate Turkish Empire. After two World Wars when Jews (The Zionist Coalition) were rewarded with independent state in their historic homeland, Arabs went bananas for such outrageous idea, especially when Jews were happy under Muslim leadership, they erroneously reasoned. The Arab Coalition went to wars to stop the eventual reality of 1948. United Nations came up with a plan for a two-state solution, the Arab Coalition didn’t want none of it. Now, after 1948, 1967, 1973 defeats, most of the members of the Arab League prayed for exactly what the United Nations had outlined.

In the meantime, Palestinian lives and future, were never the real cause for opposing Israel as much as they are using it for their own national dictatorship interests. Books, school lessons, religious conferences and Masajid sermons were designed to show how evil the Jews, no longer just Israel alone, Allah had said they are. Their agenda of biased profiles of Jews which has been tremendously helped by their limitless oil revenues, was successfully marketed throughout the Muslim World to a point where Qur’anic Verses critical of Arabs and Muslims are selectively considered past tense, whereas the ones critical of Jews and others are meant forever. This is why today the Muslims with the strongest anti Israel views come from the most undemocratic and corrupt nations, yet Israel and by extension Jews are still the worst evil.

The unintended consequences of this biased doctrine is the eventual proliferation of religious extremists using the Israel/Palestine to spread their satanic ideologies with deep seeded hatred to all humans who oppose their evil views.

So, if we don’t make the lives and future of Palestinians the sole focus of our brotherly solidarity, we will continue the same failed Arab League and OIC’s reactionary and futile self-serving show of hypocritical love to Palestinians.

Today, if they so desired, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan can immediately make a successful two-state that the United Nations had wisely outlined a reality. Especially when the present Middle East borders were artificially created by colonial powers for selfish reasons. If not, then the ongoing genocides within the Muslim world shall continue unabated, Palestinians shall continue to be caged in the largest open air prisons with limited breathing room, Muslim dictators shall continue to use Palestinians to maintain the status quo, and brainwashed ordinary Muslims shall endlessly continue to share through social media platforms atrocities committed against Palestinians while normalizing the genocides within their own nations.

It’s time to come to the realistic and appropriate side of the issue. Contrary to fantasy hopes, not only Israel wouldn’t disappear, it shall continues to be among the most innovative nations on earth. Palestinians deserve wise actions not ignorant or hypocritical sympathy. I don’t have allegiance to dictators and self-serving groups. My sole allegiance is for the Palestinians lives, dignity and bright future. Israel can be a great asset to Palestinians and the Arab League when wisdom overtake ignorance. www.muslimcommunityreport.com #muslimsisraeldialogue #lovingforliving #peaceittogether #stemdupera #muslimmedia #newyorkdeclaration #holyland #palestine #israel #oic #arableague #un #au #eu #usa #hizbussalam


Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Convener, Muslims Israel Dialogue

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