November 29, 2022
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Community Public Safety Partnership Luncheon

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Bronx, New York-Community Public Safety Partnership (CPSP) will be formally launched  on Friday, July 12, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM  at 2049 Bartow Avenue, Room 31, Co-op City, NY 10475.

More than two dozen member organizations, houses of worship and precincts shall be participating in this official luncheon.

With the remarkable progress made in reducing shootings and murders in the city in recent years, the residents of the Bronx can’t afford to see their borough bucking the trend and becoming the murderous county of the city again.

As great as our law enforcement communities are, (and they are the best in business) they do need the participation and collaboration of the residents whom they serve, and that is where CPSP has been helping: promoting a healthier relations among all parties concern.

For this strong desire to maintain the status of “Safest Big City” in the nation, Bronx grassroots organizations came together 3 years ago to form a united front to pool their limited resources and strong will in maintaining the low crime rate and quality of life in the Bronx. Community Public Safety Partnership has already initiated several residents-driven crime prevention programs in the city and state. Among these initiatives are Gang Free Zones and the Borough-wide coordinated weekly Community Peace Dinners on Friday.  Please what these dinners are from this articles:


About CPSP:
Community Public Safety Partnership is a coalition of community-based organizations that do not compete for overlapping services but rather pool their resources to complement each other in order to achieve the maximum broad grassroots public safety and quality of life outcome.


CPSP Inaugural Committee
New York City, New York 
Contact: 718-822-5555


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