December 3, 2022
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Daylight Africa

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African Union Day Foundation


African Union Day Foundation has launched Daylight Africa initiative in 2018 during its 13th African Union Day celebration.  

Daylight Africa Triangle.

Daylight Africa is an initiative whose programs are premised on three pillars. They are image building for the Continent of Africa, Promoting transparency with the outside world doing business with Africa, and Accurate portrayal of Africa in schools. With the blessing of technology in the 21st century, the world cannot afford camouflaging Africa as a dark, gloomy continent while exploiting the resources behind the closed doors. Daylight Africa was formed to synthesize the said pillars to inspire stakeholder participation in the affairs of Africa.


  1. Image Building of Africa

All the eyes of this world are on Africa.  Africa is now a breadbasket for China, its diamond and gold keep soaring stocks on Wall Street and the London Metal Exchange cannot exist without unearthing Africa’s ore.  Unfortunately, in the midst of all of these positive variables about Africa, there are systems out there that want to institutionalize a negative narrative about Africa. Daylight Africa was formed to roll back the frontiers of negativity about Africa and create platforms for positive stories.

  2. Promoting Foreign Transparency.

Yes, partnerships exist in Africa. However, the information about partnerships is unclear and is placed in inaccessible archives. Daylight Africa will appeal to the African Union and other stakeholders to be more transparent in putting out the information where well-meaning governments, institutions and individuals can interact with potentialities of partnerships with Africa.

   3. Daylight Africa Curricula

Many children from Africa excel in education in the outside world. This trend should be promoted by integrating the cultural etiquette informing the performance of African Children into the school systems outside. A practical possibility would be piloting the Daylight Africa Curriculum public private and Charter Schools where Daylight Africa Curricula are taught with a view to promoting balanced and more accurate Africa contributions to the world. This would be a symbiotic process because while the said schools would muster a diverse and cultural approach in engaging the diaspora, children enrolled in such schools will in turn learn the unparalleled and resourceful spirit of contributions that Africa has always offered to the world.


About African Union Day Foundation:

The African Union Day Foundation (AUDF) which was founded in July 2006 by a group of patriotic Africans living in New York City. This group held the first Annual African Union Day Celebration on July 9, 2007. Using the momentum behind the celebration of July 9, the group designed a set of objectives and activities of AUDF.


The Foundation’s Objectives:

•   To celebrate the African Arts, cultures, heritage, education, entrepreneurship and contributions on the continent and in the Diaspora.

•   Promote the work of the African Union and its developmental programs such as the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.


The Foundation’s Activities:

– Hosts the annual Africa Day (May 25) African Union Day (September 9) Celebrations.

– Conduct information forums about the current economic and social welfare of Africans.

– Promotes the social, educational, emotional welfare of the African child by advocating for Africa focused components to be included in the existing school curricula.

– Hosts networking forums for academicians and scholars of African decent living in the diaspora, pursuant to promoting the objectives of the African Union as outlined in the Constitutive Act, AUDF will see to it that its objectives and activities are done with a view to furthering the interests of Africans in the Diaspora.

– Membership to AUDF is open to all who are interested in promoting the socioeconomic development of Africans.


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