December 4, 2022
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The Resurgence of Boko Haram 


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Gov zulum recently made a proclamation that the Nigerian army has abandoned them to the hands of Boko haram am yet to verify the content of the news but this got me Thinking our social media journalist and analyst who sit in their comfort working places without any fear or indistute decorum on what to write are using all sort foul kind of words on the Nigerian army and the supreme body.

Yes insecurity is still dancing Yoga in some of the remote area's of Maiduguri, and to an extension Nigerian states But not taking over local governments and towns. 

I think the Nigerian Army should be commended in every way possible for keeping the fight strong even without the support of External forces within our sovereign entity.

As seen in Afghanistan Lebanon Yemen and co

Less we forgot the b-boys were endlessly terrorising states and even the federal capital Abuja where the President is situated, isn't this a big shame and a total slap to our hospitable giantness, Kano Bauchi gombe part of Katsina Abuja kogi Niger Nassarawa plateau Adamawa among others are state that fell victim to Boko haram incessant massacre. Nigeria Army as at today enclave this Animals to their origin and took the fight right next to them this is commendable.

How many of us can surge the courage and confront an enemy who wants nothing from you but death.

Children, father's, friend's, Brother's Husband's have all died without any valuable benefits just to safe guard the territories and shores of Nigeria.

We yet look them in the face and call them names instead of praying for them we ought to devise to making jittery of a war that even today American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, are yet to come and finish the Taliban, a war of almost 20yrs America we all think have what it takes to finish Every giant can't even finish an enemy that brought war to her doorstep and instantly killed over 3000 people in the 9/11 Wtc bombing, but because we basically don't understand the technicalities of war, we say and sound as we think.

Let's learn to give them a fair chance they might be wrong yes no human is perfect but do they warrant our indiscipline attitude if they keep arms today many of us will either be dead or scavenging for food In neighbouring Niger Cameroon or Chad.

The federal government should as a matter of urgency checkmate the return of bokoharam and call an emergency meeting with the security chiefs

The recent proclamation of the army boss Is what is still as a matter of urgency call for a national debate.

Nobody's life  is worth killing the way some fellow Nigerians have turn Animals in human form are deliberately justifying their killings all in the name of to make ends meet.

It's laughable and very not encouraging as at why the President is still holding on to the Current service chiefs if their ideas is faded they should take a bow and let other fresh heads oversee the Gentry. 


Isma'il Adam
Bayero University Kano

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