December 1, 2022
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No_to_rape: Way forward

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     No_to_rape:  way forward

The Nigerian media space was engulfed in a metal liquidizing fire, after the report of the gruesome murder of Nwaila Omozuwa, who was raped, molested and murdered in a Church. This heart rending incidence  rekindled the campaign #No_to_Rape, across the Nation; with an overwhelming number of boys/men voicing out against this horrendous act. Then,  I thought,with this large number of men actively campaigning against rape, why Is rape, perpetrated by men,  rising stupendously?    This was a question begging for an answer. Desperate for an answer, I engaged a number of guys in a verbal repartee in respect to sexuality. I found out that:

A percentage, I cannot acertain,  is likely to commit rape, if they find a situation an opportunity to do such. Speaking with Okaba(Name distorted for privacy), he overtly stated that, many people consider him a good boy and someone not fascinated by sex nor sexuality, and this is as a result of his true self yet to find expression. With equanimity,  I exclaimed "seriously!?," To allow him clear the fog around his shocking statement. He went further saying, If only his identity can be anonymous that, I would he suprised at the number of crimes, he would commit in just 24 hours. Hearing the words slip out his mouth with much ease and seriousness, I muttered in a wisper, a question in the Bible, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9.

Another percentage is wrongly oriented on what an ideal relationship with the female sex should entail. They believe that, women are sex objects, so to speak.  So, the basis of having anything to do with female sex is to be sexually gratified. So they feel, it is their right to have sex with any Lady that catches their fancy.

I launched out into the virtual space to enquire, why a  man would want  to forcefully have sex with a woman; and I was able to deduce that:

Some men see sex as a way,Ladies  repay the money, gifts they give to them. Achuma(identity withheld) declared that, he is not responsible for the upkeep of any one, other than his immediate family and that, any lady, who receives money or gifts from him, should be conscious of the fact that, he is getting something in return for his supposed "kind gestures."

It would be absurd to neglect the fact that, some men are Obsessed with sex and they double as sadomasochists. Which may cause them to force a woman into having sex with her. Sadly, many are not aware of this abnormality and the need to seek help from professionals.

After  Considering and weighing opinions I collated from divergent sources, I asked myself, should men, being by far the largest perpetrators of this henious crime, campaign or reflect on themselves and make amends? 

Then I concluded, it is more important for men to seek help, when sex becomes an obesession and they seem to have little or no control over their urge; and also, reflect and reconstruct their viewpoint of women, and place more value on them; other than  seeing women as a sexual gratification being, but rather, this ghastly mentality should be erased. However, the campaign, no to rape, should not be halted, but rather it should be intensified, to push for stringent punishments for rape. In other words,  the synergy of the campaign; a positive reconstruction of mentality towards sexuality  and a stringent law to punish sex offenders would reduce this assault to its minimum, if not eradicate this vile act.

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