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American Jewish Committee celebrates Juneteenth, calls for end to inequities 

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The America Jewish Committee has called for an end to systemic inequalities in the country as it celebrates Juneteenth 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

This was disclosed on Thursday June 18, 2020, in a statement signed by its Director in New York City, Michael Schmidt. 

Schmidt explained that Juneteenth is a celebration marking emancipation from slavery. 

Juneteenth, which is celebrated every June 19  with Black Americans across the United States, is aimed at keeping Jews safe in the United States, and other minorities, including brothers and sisters in the Black community.
According to Schmidt, this is a perilous moment for America, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, tens of millions suddenly unemployed, daily revelations and reminders of pervasive racial injustice, and civil unrest in our streets. 

He noted that this time of national introspection requires that citizens reckon with the systemic racism that has never stopped disadvantaging Black Americans. 

AJC, in a statement, promised its continued reinforcement of solidarity with the Black community and pursuit of racial equality.

"With the rapidly expanding diversity of the American Jewish community, we must also make special note of the particular challenges that Black Jews face, as potential victims of both antisemitism and racism.

"On this Juneteenth, AJC reiterates our policy recommendations to address these ingrained inequities and injustices," the statement reads. 

Schmidt reiterated AJC's commitment to supporting the creation of a national taskforce to examine systemic inequities. 

"AJC will continue to urge passage of the NO HATE Act to improve hate crime reporting. 

"We will support the Justice in Policing Act. Many of the ideas in the proposed legislation, including the creation of a database of police violators, restrictions on the use of the “qualified immunity” for violent officers, restrictions the transfer of military equipment to police, the banning chokeholds are long overdue.

"We will push for the allocation of financial resources to redress stubborn inequities and indignities, including the allocation of additional funding to support education in impoverished communities. 

AJC also assured in the statement that it would ensure the right to vote for all Americans, while safeguarding honest elections. 

"AJC will see white supremacist groups, and other extremists, that engage in transnational radicalization, recruitment, training, and violence designated as terrorist organizations," the statement adds.

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