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Bronxites for Good Governance endorses Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. for New York Congressional District 15th

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With just a few days to the Democratic Party primary elections, a civil society called Bronxites for Good Governance (BGG) has endorsed Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. for New York Congressional District 15th.

“Speaking on behalf of BGG as a Bronxite with over two decades of direct and indirect experience of socio-political and economic situations in Bronx and New York at large, I have carefully observed that Councilman Diaz is a consistent public office holder with genuine and passionate care for his community and constituents. He’s reliable and committed to constituent services, God-fearing, and a true democrat. As members of the New York faith community, we are happy to publically put our endorsement behind Reverend Diaz Sr to affirm religious freedom and the freedom of choice,” said Shireena Drammeh, the President of BGG.

“We’re definitely sure he’ll represent us well at the congress,” Drammeh added.

Mrs. Drammeh further disclosed that Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr is a devoted public servant who has consistently voiced for the masses, equitable distributions of public resources, religious freedom and equality.

“He has been a champion for seniors, the poor, immigrants, cabdrivers, religious freedom and equality.  He is a veteran, a minister, served in the council and state senate.  He delivered for his constituents and always stood his ground. “What you buy is what you get” from him.  Like most clergy in his circle, his social conservative views that opposes gay marriage and abortion has earned him an oversupply of political enemies,” she further noted in a press release sent to Parkchester Times.

According to BGG, there is no doubt that Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. will be a bigger voice for South Bronxites when sent to the Congress in Washington as a representative as he believes in community empowerment through quality education, skills, peace advocacy and youth mentorship in public service.

“We need Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr to give us a stronger and bigger voice in the areas of education, youth empowerment, economic developemnt, affordable housing, high paid employments, standard community health services and stronger public safety,” Drammeh further said.

“As a selfless public officer, he groomed many young politicians and helped them get elected, supports the community during this pandemic, and sponsored Claudette Colvin Street renaming and Co sponsors Peace December recognition in the city council, just to name a few. 

“He fights against racism and has never relented in working toward making life easy for the people of Bronx, perhaps because he too had countered discrimination as black soldier from Puerto Rico. So it is on this note we say: A vote for Ruben Diaz Sr. for New York Congressional District 15th  is a vote for Prosperity and racial justice!” Drammeh concluded.

The 15th Congressional District includes most of the South Bronx. It is bounded by the Harlem River on the west, the East River on the south, the Bronx River and Bronx Park  on the east, and goes just past Fordham Road on the north.

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