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Bronxites mark Juneteenth with Lesandro Junior’s commemoration

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Residents of the Bronx in New York have marked this year’s Juneteen with commemoration of late Lesandro Junior Guzman Feliz.

June 20, 2020 marks exactly two years since 15 year old Lesandro Junior Guzman Feliz was murdered in cold blood outside a Bodega in the Bronx.
Junior Guzman-Feliz had a dream of becoming a New York City Police Department detective, having been a member of the NYPD's youth explorer program.

Leandra Feliz, the mother of a slain Bronx teen Lesandro Junior Guzman said the prospects of her son being officially recognized as an NYPD officer is exciting. 

During the occasion held at Saint Raymonds cemetery, to mark the 2nd anniversary of her son’s murder at a Bronx bodega, Feliz said the recognition would mean a lot to her.

“I really feel very nice about it. The last two years hasn’t been easy for me. Only God has been giving me the strength. This recognition will help me to continue fighting for justice for Junior,” said Feliz. 

Feliz hopes that Junior’s assailant would remain locked up for the rest of their lives. 

“In fact, they deserve more than that. They contribute nothing to the community apart from causing mayhem,” concluded Feliz. 

"Junior had a dream and we believe that dream should not be taken away. This is why we have been working for a while now, with the NYPD chief, council member Fernado Cabrera and Sgt John Perez, to validate Junior's dream of becoming an NYPD detective. We are hoping, to mark the 2nd anniversary of his death, with the NYPD officially naming him as an NYPD officer and given a badge," said a district leader who is running for the 32nd state senate John Perez, in a phone call interview with Parkchester Times.

Perez further said he has been coordinating efforts together with Junior's mother, Leandra Feliz, to ensure the slain teen's dream of becoming an NYPD detective becomes a reality.

"Martin Luther had a dream and after he was killed, a lot of people have been trying to fulfil that dream. We also want to make sure that Junior didn’t just die as Junior but an NYPD officer and the penalty for killing an NYPD officer is life imprisonment. We hope this will inspire people to think that the NYPD is doing something right. We hope the NYPD will mend the wounds and inspire the kids who can’t fulfill their dreams because of bad influence and mayhem in their communities," said Perez.Perez disclosed that the NYPD is expected to present a letter of intent to recognize Junior as an NYPD officer, to Junior's mum at a memorial event to be held Saturday at St Raymonds New Cemetery.

“We hope the city where laws are made, will push for this through the police commissioner and make Junior the youngest NYPD officer. Once it’s done, we hope it will result in the upgrade of charges against the accused. Even if they have been found guilty, the recognition of Junior as an NYPD officer will work heavily against them in parole hearing,” said Perez. 

Bronxites mark Juneteenth with Lesandro Junior’s commemoration.

Bronxites mark Juneteenth with Lesandro Junior’s commemoration

Sgt. John Perez, Male District Leader 87th Assembly District

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