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By Robert Press

Tuesday evening hundreds of people came out to show support for the police in Loretto Park. The rally opened up with God Bless America, and God Bless the Police Department.

No elected officials were present, but the Republican candidate for the 14th Congressional District John Cummings was on hand to denounce what is going on by the mayor and City Council. He said how can you cut back the police when crime is rising? He added that people want Safe Streets, Good Education, and a better quality of life. 

As this rally was going on several counter protesters gathered trying to disrupt the Pro Police rally. The counter protesters wanted cuts to the police department, and held signs Black Lives Matter. Captain Natiw of the 49th Precinct was on hand with several of his police officers. While order was kept reinforcements came from the 45th, 43rd, and 41st precincts. 

The counter protesters go at it with the Pro Police rally attendees, with only a chain link fence separating them.

The police keep the outnumbered counter protesters safe.

Republican candidate for the 14th Congressional District speaks.

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