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Amy McGrath defeats Charles Booker, wins Democratic primary


Amy McGrath has won a  Senate Democratic primary in Kentucky. 

McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot, will contest against Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, in November.

McGrath defeated her Democratic opponent, state Rep. Charles Booker. 

While disclosing this in a statement on Tuesday June 30, 2020, McGrath congratulated Booker and other Democratic primary opponents. 

"I am proud to have competed against these men and, undoubtedly, doing so made me a better candidate," she said. 

"I hope I can rely on them for their help, guidance and advice for the fight ahead of us," she added. 

A prolific fundraiser, McGrath was the pick of the Senate Democratic campaign arm and brought in more than $40 million for her campaign. 

She also enjoyed the backing of multiple labor unions, and many Democrats, from in and outside the state, who were drawn to her military background.

McGrath was the first woman to fly an F-18 in combat, and flew more than 85 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

McGrath's supporters contended her moderate stances were more in alignment with Kentucky's traditional electorate than Booker's more progressive views.

While calling for unity in her statement on Tuesday, McGrath noted that she didn't need to be convinced on issues of equality.

"While each of our experiences are unique, as a woman in the military, I had to repeatedly fight the establishment during my 20-year career," McGrath said. 

"No one needs to convince me of the urgency to address the issues of equal pay and equal justice, affordable health care for all, real action on voting rights, and ending the corrosive grip that corporate special interests have on our federal government.

"But there can be no removal of Mitch McConnell without unity," McGrath added.

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