December 7, 2022
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Trump assaults civil liberties of immigrants, families, employers—legal expert says

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Nationally-acclaimed immigration lawyer Richard Herman, on July 3, has described President Donald Trump as a bully who assualts immigrants, families and employers. He observed that Trump’s leadership style is not defined on the ability to emotionally connect with the majority of the American people and lead the country toward a common goal.

Commemorating the Herman Legal Group’s 25th anniversary and also reflecting on the Trump administration’s immigration policies ahead of this Fourth of July, Herman said President Trump is motivated by his goal to divide, conquer and destroy — not inspire, unite and accomplish great things.

“America is far from usual, as we should demand the extraordinary from our leaders, and from ourselves. President Ronald Reagan reminds us that we must constantly nurture this delicate flame of American patriotism, that it must be based on our founding principles and knowledge of history, and that informed patriotic culture must be cultivated first and foremost at the dinner tables, but also in our schools, media and entertainment.

“If heeded today, his words would help to bridge the divisiveness in American politics, help tone down the rhetoric and hostility, and unite a country,” said Herman.

“We inherited this treasure, and let's pray that we will find a way to reanimate the soul of this great nation by coming together under the flag of American exceptionalism,” he added.

Herman said a key ingredient in America's secret sauce was immigration and not white supremacy. 

He said for now, the statue of liberty was hidden under a white sheet. 

“I have been an immigration lawyer for over 25 years.  I have seen nearly everything one can imagine within the immigration legal arena.  However, nothing compares in scope and degree to Trump’s assault on the civil liberties of immigrants, their families, and employers. As an American, it’s deeply saddening to see the Statue of Liberty metaphorically transformed from a warm, inspiring beacon of welcoming, to a soulless and ominous piece of rock cloaked in a KKK sheet,” said Herman.


Herman said driven by the white nationalism ideology of Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s anti-immigrant executive orders, the White House has taken a sledgehammer to the U.S. Constitution and has implemented a pogrom of bigotry, hatred and division towards the foreign-born in America.

He said white nationalism, and its political payoff, was driving U.S. immigration policy adding that this was apparent prior to COVID-19.

“Now using the pretext of high unemployment, Trump’s xenophobia is in overdrive and reminiscent of the anti-immigrant, nativist American tradition that dates back to the “Know-Nothings” of the 1840s and 1850s. Unlike President Reagan who described America as a shining city on the hill, welcoming ALL from around the world with the heart and drive to build a peaceful life in America, Trump built his political career on vilifying immigrants, referring to them as rapists and gang members.  In his view, America is under attack, and only a wall, both literal, and figurative, would protect white America from the crashing wave of diverse demographics and the competitive forces of globalization,” said Herman.

He said President Trump’s rhetoric ignored the important economic, social and cultural contributions of immigrants, America’s “Dream-Keepers.”  

“Much like the President’s disregard of medical experts who warn against large public gatherings, and their urgent proclamations for using face masks, testing, and tracing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the President is now disregarding the economic experts

whose research demonstrates that immigrant workers create jobs and help expand the U.S. economy through innovation (particularly in STEM fields), entrepreneurship, consumption, exports, and filling gaps in the labor market,” said Herman.

Herman said immigrants and their children have founded 40% of the Fortune 500, by employing millions of Americans. 

“The data on immigrants’ job-creation propensity is staggering:

Immigrants are twice as likely to start a business than American-born: Immigrants are twice as likely to earn a patent than American-bornImmigrants have familial and friendship networks around the world to facilitate U.S. exports and attraction of capital,” said Herman.

He said the problem facing today’s American workers was not immigration but the economic collapse caused by President Trump’s mismanagement of COVID-19.

Looking back on our 25-year journey at the Herman Legal Group, we are honored to represent so many hard-working, honorable, family-focused and patriotic immigrants. We encourage everyone to keep the flame alive by voting on November 4th,”concluded Herman.

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