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Atlanta city quakes as heavily armed protesters demand removal of Confederate carving

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A large group of heavily armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday 4th June 2020 demanding that the giant Confederate carving at the park be removed.

Score of the protesters were dressed in black with many dressed in paramilitary-styled clothes and all of them were wearing face covers as they parade down a sidewalk at the park.

The protesters made up of several races, men and women were carrying rifles and military-type weapons. Some of them have ammunition belt slung over their shoulders.

A leader of the demonstrators was heard in a video clip challenging white supremacists who have always used Stone Mountain as their own rally spot.

"I don't see no white militia. We're here. Where … you at? We're in your house. Let's go," he said.

A spokesman for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, John Bankhead said the protesters were peaceful.

"It's a public park, a state park. We have these protests on both sides of the issue from time to time. We respect people's First Amendment right," said Bankhead.

Following the death of George Floyd on May 25 death Stone Mountain has faced repeated calls for its removal.

The mountain sculpture carved into granite is the largest monument to America's Civil War Confederacy which features Gen. Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, 11th Confederate President, and Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

Stone Mountain Park has been a historical gathering spot for white supremacist but the city now has a large population of African Americans.

Fourth of July laser show and fireworks always hold at the park with the carving as a backdrop. Because of the coronavirus this year, the show was canceled.

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