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90% of Americans express disappointment at Trump administration, eager to vote for Biden

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About 90% of Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with Trump administration. 

According to a new study released on Tuesday June 30, 2020, from Pew Research Center, only 17% of Americans of any party commend the present administration. Not less than 71% express disappointment and indignation over Donald Trump administration. 

"Just 12% of Americans say they are satisfied with the direction of the country, less than half of the 31% who said the same in a study in April; 87% now say they are dissatisfied," the report says. 

The widespread dissatisfaction has impacted the perceptions of President Donald Trump, who is 10 percentage points behind presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Some 54% of registered voters back Biden and 44% support Trump. The president’s approval rating dropped to 39%, while 59% of Americans disapproved. In the April survey, Trump’s approval was 44%.

Only a slender majority of Americans commend that Trump has a better handle on the economy than Biden. 

"Amid a recession, Trump leads Biden by 3 points, 51% to 48%, among voters who said they are very or somewhat confident in the candidate’s ability to make good decisions about economic policy. 

"Biden, however, leads in every other category. Voters placed more confidence in his ability to handle law enforcement and criminal justice issues, foreign policy, the coronavirus outbreak, race relations and to bring the country closer together. 

"Trump’s lowest mark is on bringing the country together — only 31% of voters express confidence in the president in that area," the report adds. 

But while Biden has led in every independent public poll released since April, a USA Today poll released Tuesday shows he still suffers from a gap in enthusiasm. Half of Trump supporters say they’re “very excited” to vote for him; only 27% of Biden supporters felt that way.

On personality traits, Biden is viewed by 60% of voters as even-tempered in the Pew survey; only a quarter of voters see Trump that way. Only 7% of voters believe Trump to be “very” even-tempered.

Biden is also viewed by more Americans as being a good role model, honest and as someone who cares about the needs of ordinary people. Trump is seen as more energetic and courageous, though the president only leads Biden by 1 percentage point when it comes to the perception of courage.

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