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Mayor Blasio unveils plan to curb gun violence in NY


Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a plan to curb a recent spike in gun violence in New York City. 

While disclosing this on Friday July 10, 2020, De Blasio said gun violence had been a “big challenge in this city” the last few weeks. 

He added that Last weekend alone, 11 people were killed and dozens wounded in shootings across the city.

“This weekend coming up has to be better, particularly in Harlem, where we’re focusing a lot of our efforts to change the reality on the ground,” de Blasio said.

The mayor noted that  members of his administration gathered with NYPD officials and about 50 leaders from the Harlem community to “think about a new grassroots approach to addressing the problem.”

“We will take back our streets in Harlem and all over our city, but we’re going to do it from the ground up,” the mayor said. 

“We’re going to do it with community leadership," he added. 

The mayor said the plan requires police resources but also community leaders, community-based organizations and local clergy.

“It’s particularly important to reach our young people, who have gone through so much in these last months,” de Blasio said, adding that the city will work with the community to engage and hear the concerns of young people.

Starting Friday night, there will be an increased NYPD presence at key locations on over 20 streets and at NYCHA developments, but there will also be walks that include members of the NYPD and community leaders.

The Parks Department will work with community groups and the NYPD “to put on a host of activities this weekend and beyond to give young people positive alternatives.”

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