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Yemeni Americans celebrated Second Annual Yemeni Day Parade in New York


Yemeni living in the heart of Bronx, New York City have gathered to celebrate the annual Yemeni American Day. 

The annual festival, which was held on Saturday July 11, 2020, was organized by Yahay Ahmed Obeid. 

While disclosing this on her Facebook timeline, a Yemeni in Bronx, Debbie Almontaser, appreciated the efforts of the organizer. 

Debbie lauded this year's event. She, however, stated that this year's celebration was shorter with lesser participants compared to last year's celebration. 

"Today was the 2nd annual Yemeni American Day Parade, in Little Yemen, in the heart of the Bronx. I want to thank Yahay Ahmed Obeid for organizing the parade," she said on FB timeline. 

"In comparison to last year’s parade it was shorter and with less people. We resorted to cars parading around. 

"What I missed the most was all the children that came out last year.  But what stood out the most for me this year are the youth. I can’t find the words to express how proud I am of them," she added. 

She further lamented that the last several months had been very serious, stressing that life has never been the same ever since. 

"We must make do with what we have and what we can do to make the best of this new norm.  I want to thank Ahmed Obeid for organizing the parade," she stated. 

"I want to celebrate Yemeni American youth and then everyone else. Starting with Yemeni American Merchants Association -YAMA super stars past and present Ayyad Algabyali and Badr Fuad," Debbie concluded.

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