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Afro-American activists call on government to rescue 800 stranded citizens in Ghana, threaten legal action

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New York-based activists, Robert Fields Jackson and Pierre Gooding, have called on the United States government to come to the aid of its over 800 citizens who got stranded in Ghana, amidst Covid-19.

On Friday July 24, in a Zoom interview with Parkchester Times editor, Mutiu Olawuyi, lawyer Gooding lamented that it was sad to have American citizens getting stranded in another country.

“There should be no single reason why an American citizen should be stranded in any part of the world. This is really a sad situation. The government has really failed its tax-paying citizens,” Gooding said.

The lawyer therefore threatened to take the States to court if urgent action was not taken to rescue these American citizens locked down in Ghana.

“Trust me, we will definitely use all legal measures and actions against the government if they fail to take necessary actions to bring these citizens back home,” Gooding added.

Robert Fields Jackson, on the other hand, blamed President Trump’s administration for displaying racism against its Black and Brown citizens. He claimed that the abandonment of these US citizens in Ghana was intentional.

“It’s a tragedy because they are American citizens, but the President may feel why travel when Covid-19 is in effect. Black and Brown people are already 2nd class citizens in America.

“Anyway, we’ll find all means to ensure that justice is served!” Jackson noted.

He then called on the States legislators to add their voices in support of these American victims.

“Congress and Senator need to work together to collectively rescue these citizens,” Jackson said.

According to Nova Felder, a victim of Covid-19 lockdown in Ghana, over 800 Americans had been stranded in the country, due to lackadaisical attitude of the officials in the US embassy in Accra.

“We were about a thousand people at the initial stage of this challenge, but after a lot of pressure on the US embassy officials, about 150 Americans, who managed to join other rescued Americans in the neighboring countries, were evacuated.

“I am really disappointed in the current leadership of the States. We’re abandoned in Ghana, perhaps because we’re Black. This systemic racism has to stop! I’m stock here with my family and none of our government officials here is ready to rescue us,” Felder disclosed.

Felder further disclosed that majority of these stranded American citizens are faced with one form of challenges or another, which makes it very difficult to cope in the country.  

“We’re seriously facing a lot of challenges; some of us here have financial and psychological issues, while some are faced with stigmatization issues, as the United States is now known as the world epidemic center for Corona virus,” Felder added.

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