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Event: Healthy Lifestyle Day inauguration & New York Healthy Lifestyle campaign.

Date:   Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time:  12-5pm
Venue: Street Fair on Benedict Avenue, between Olmstead & Pugsley Avenue, Bronx, New York City. 

Special Guests: Elected, Religious, Educational, Medical, Nutritional, Community and Physical Fitness leaders.

Entertainment: Celebrity Entertainers 

Audience:  The Socially Distanced and Masked Public

Give Aways: Fruits & Vegetables, T-shirts and others. 

Contact:   Mrs. Pamela Stewart-Martinez, Chairperson of the Healthy Lifestyle Day inauguration and Female District Leader of Bronx’s 87th Assembly District at 347-266-5376, 718-822-5555   or email us at: lifestylelifespan247@gmail.com  


With the proliferation and exponential growth of organic products, plant-based menus, and healthier beverages, coupled with a strong increase in public curiosity of centuries-old religious dietary guidelines, gives us the opportunity to return to the wonders of natural living.  As we’re all aware, nature is built on an unadulterated system in which all of its components are perfectly customized to work symbiotically and seamlessly including the human body..  

For this trending reality, it is therefore reasonable to foresee a nascent industry of healthy products and services continuing to expand worldwide.  This new awakening of consumptive consciousness, has unquestionably ushered in a new paradigm shift in the attention given to the importance of our lifestyles in the 21st century forward. 

Against the backdrop of this great opportunity, on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, Lifestyle Lifespan movement, through the New York City & State Proclamations, shall be inaugurating the annual “Healthy Lifestyle Day” in New York.  It’s an irrefutable fact that the cost of unhealthy lifestyles on precious lives and resources is unsustainable, inequitable, and has resulted in a painful health disparity among New Yorkers.  As a result, Healthy Lifestyle Day is an occasion to highlight these health disparities and seek their remedy.  Furthermore, this day is dedicated to Ms. Anne Sconberg, a founding benefactor of the Lifestyle Lifespan Movement.


About Lifestyle Lifespan:
Lifestyle Lifespan is a healthy lifestyle movement that encourages healthy consumption, non-sedentary lifestyle and a positive mental attitude for people of all ages and backgrounds.



Activities on Healthy Lifestyle Day shall include but aren’t limited to:
1.    Healthy Cooking Exhibition 
2.    Healthy Menus from Eateries
3.    Healthy Beverage Marketing 
4.    Physical Activity demonstrations
5.    Mental Health training 
6.    Healthy relationship sessions
7.    Financial management forums
8.    Health and wellness seminars
9.    Etc. 


Among the participants are:
1.    Government agencies
2.    Educational institutions
3.    Medical institutions
4.    Restaurant & Beverage Industries
5.    Religious organizations
6.    Media Networks
7.    Technology & Social Media companies
8.    Sports & Entertainment industries 
9.    New York Road Runners
10.   Fitness Clubs
11.   Politicians & United Nations Diplomats
12.   Major corporations and local businesses 
13.   Just to name a few…


Activities during the day

  • St. Helena/Cooking classes
  • St. Helena Plant-based health fair for May 2021
  • Neerob Restaurant – offering whole foods, plant-based foods
  • Neerob Bazaar – offering certain ingredients.
  • Montefiore Cardiac Wellness Program
  • Plant-Powered Metro New York
  • Plant Pure Communities
  • Tea making from variuos tea drinking cultures
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Martial Arts
  • Massage 
  • Personal Training


Co-founders list as of today. Please send in your organizations now to be counted as co-founders: 

  • Brooklyn Borough President, Hon. Eric Adams
  • Bronxnet Television
  • Metropolitan College of New York
  • Community Board 9
  • Mujumder Foundation
  • Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez
  • TBS New Direction
  • I am My Community, Inc.
  • Strong Women's Community Empowerment
  • Bronx Community Council
  • Bronx Healthy Start Partnership Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Family and Social Medicine

  • Muslim Media Corporation

  • Starling Pharmacy
  • Hunger Van Zamir Hassan
  • Councilman Fernando Cabrera
  • Bangla Bazaar Association
  • Marjorie Velazquez 
  • Anne Sconberg
  • Dr. Cecil Wright, Mercy College
  • Halalan Tayyiban Holding, Corp.
  • Africa On The Rise Television
  • Islamic Cultural Center of North America 
  • Al Shaib Community Center
  • American Bangladeshi Welfare Organization U.S.A.Inc
  • Adopt-A-Friend, Inc.
  • Harambe Ministry
  • African Union Day Foundation
  • NY Future Homes Realty
  • Green Bronx Machine 
  • MAKO
  • EGN Karate International
  •  Bangladeshi American Community Council
  • The Bronx Youth
  •  St Helena’s Church
  • 43rd Precinct Council 
  •  Miriam Quin Photography
  •  Lisa B. Jones
  •  Faith In Action Church, Pastor Dr. Deborah Jenkins
  •  Pastor Felicia Kalan, NYC Council 22 candidate
  •  Ahad & Co. CPA
  • John Liu
  • Committeewoman Sandra Pabon
  • I am Phenomenal Unlimited, LLC
  • MADGE (Mentors Against Drugs and Guns through Experience).
  • Tea-Out-Stress, Inc.
  • Parkchester Times
  • New York Parrot
  • Muslim Community Report 
  • Ark to the Motherland
  • Neva Shillingford-King
  • World Yoga Community
  • C-Ball
  • Islamic Initiative for Sprituality and Equality (WISE).
  • Parkchester Kwanzaa, Deborah Oguamah

Political Sponsors with Proclamation:
    . NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo
    . NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio
    . Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
    . All New York State & City Legislators

"NY Healthy Lifestyle" campaign essay   competition

Dear New Yorkers,

Please help share this far and wide within New York State.

Lifestyle Lifespan has started a two week Healthy Lifestyle essay competition

Program: Statewide “NY Healthy Lifestyle” campaign

Essays are about:
1. The meaning of a healthy lifestyle
2. The best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain it
3. What are some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
4. What are some of the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles

5. Up to 600 words, using 12 font. 


Qualifications: the competition is open to all ages, from 7-24.

1st Prize, $500 plus being crowned “NY Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador” for the year.
2nd Prize: $250 plus being the 1s deputy Ambassador.
3rd Prize: $100 plus being the 2nd deputy Ambassador.

All essays are due by 11:00pm on Wednesday, November 6, 2020.

All essays and questions are to be directed to: lifestylelifespan247@gmail.com

Essays Competition Sponsors:
1. Mujumder Foundation
2. Starling Pharmacy 

For all inquiries about Healthy Lifestyle Day, please email us at: lifestylelifespan247@gmail.com or call 718-822-5555. www.lifestylelifespan.org/

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