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Blake endorses Fernandez for Boro President

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State Assemblyman Michael Blake has endorsed Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez for the Bronx Borough President candidate.
The statement released Monday by Assemblywoman Fernández's media strategist Jennifer Blatus, noted that the two have a history of working together on issues important to the borough in the State Assembly. 

According to the statement, Assemblyman Blake touted Assemblywoman Fernández’s borough-wide experience as the Bronx regional representative for the Governor and her work building a diverse coalition of Bronxites to fight for criminal justice reform, equal housing opportunity and increased protections for the most vulnerable. 

"The COVID pandemic, coupled with rising economic inequity, health disparities, racial injustice and educational inequality, creates an urgent need to unify Bronx leadership if we hope to successfully recover and re-imagine.

We must elect a borough president with a vision focused on creating equity and justice, the experience to build racial and cultural bridges, and a concrete plan to achieve her goals. I firmly believe Nathalia Fernandez is that person. She is uniquely qualified for the role and has the clearest plan to elevate our borough to the world-class position Bronxites deserve," said Assembly Member Michael Blake (79AD). 

"I am encouraged by Assemblywoman Fernández’s commitment to establishing a small business task force focused on creating green jobs that will bring long-term sustainability to the borough. 

"Nathalia has already represented The Bronx as a staffer for Governor Cuomo, achieved success as a legislator, and has proposed action to deliver meaningful improvements to our borough post-COVID.

"Nathalia is the champion we need, which is why I proudly endorse her for Bronx Borough President.”

The Assemblyman co-sponsored the Andrew Kearse Act, Nathalia’s landmark police reform bill requiring law enforcement to provide medical and mental first aid to individuals in custody, and looked on as it was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in June. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren later introduced the Andrew Kearse Accountability for Denial of Medical Care Act on the federal level to hold federal law enforcement officials criminally liable for failure to obtain medical care to individuals experiencing medical distress while in custody. 

During this time of increased scrutiny, both legislators agree that increased protections are necessary for Bronxites who have experienced discrimination for their religious-based attire.

To help this effort, Assemblyman Blake co-sponsored Assemblywoman Fernández’s legislation to classify the removal or threat of removing religious clothing as aggravated harassment in the second degree. 

"Assemblyman Michael Blake has been an invaluable partner in the fight for criminal justice and police reform. His effort in bringing jobs and justice to the borough is an inspiring platform that I hope to build upon as Borough President. I am honored to have his endorsement," said Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernández.

Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernández has fought hard to unify the borough and help working families get ahead. 

As borough president, she hopes to seek environmental justice, improve transportation access, prioritize the development of affordable housing, and ensure fair rezoning. 

If elected, Nathalia would be the first Latina to hold borough-wide office in New York City history.

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