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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…  Equal Protection Under the Law. Is it?

“Three weeks ago, on Sunday night, June 28th, 17- year old African American Brandon Hendricks was killed when gunfire broke out while he was attending a friend’s birthday party in the Bronx. As saddened New Yorkers learned from the media reports of his slaying, Brandon had been the captain of the James Monroe High School Basketball Team, and had graduated from the school just one week before. And as New Yorkers also learned, Brandon, whose last words in this world after being shot were, “call my mom,” had been recently engaged in the joyous process of deciding in which college to enroll this coming fall, trying to make the best choice out of the many vying to recruit him to play on their basketball team.” 
“He wanted to live,” said his grieving mother Eve Hendricks. “This was not his destiny.  His destiny was to live forever and to be the greatest of all. He was very smart. He always thinks about others before his thinks about himself.”   

What: The Bronx Declaration

At this time, it’s abundantly clear to all of us the fact that we can’t achieve equitable socioeconomic development in the Bronx without reducing its level of crime and violence.  As a result, we will find what the real culprits of these crimes and violence are and address them.  No matter what they are, they must be addressed and they will be permanently addressed.  We will not put bandages on them. We will not make excuses in addressing them. We will not blame anyone for them. But we will finally hold accountable responsible parties for them in the Bronx.  We will no longer normalize crime, tolerate violence or accept extreme poverty in the Bronx. The tale of two cities must be in the history books not our future.  Thank you!

We expect all Bronx community, political and religious leaders to be present for this historic Bronx Declaration, “Living. Loving. Lifting.”

When:  Friday, January 1, 2021, 1:00 PM sharp.
Where: Steps of the Bronx County Building. 161 Street & Grand Concourse.
Who: The Bronx Leadership. #ilovethebronx #livinglovinglifting

Contacts:  info@peacepatrol.org
Sheikh Musa Drammeh  718-822-5555
Bishop Angelo Rosario  917-593-4410
Marion Frampton  347-951-0931
Darnes KBorn Rivers  347-712-5325
Mory Koyate  917-500-5440
Gbengus Gbenguze  


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