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Cabrera raises over $855,000 in campaign contributions for Bronx boro president race

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Fernando Cabrera has managed to raise over $855,000 in campaign contributions from his supporters, for the Bronx borough president race.

In an interview with Parkchester Times, Cabrera who is the Council member for the Bronx's 14th District and majority whip, said his campaign was doing fantastically well.
"We just had a filing campaign that demonstrated the overwhelming support that we had. We were able to raise in campaign contributions and with the matching, it comes to $855,000 which puts us ahead of all the other candidates when it comes to the matching," Cabrera said.

"Not only that, but over 1,000 people already have contributed. These are average people saying we believe in your experience, we believe that you could help us during these turbulent times."

Cabrera said his campaign has also managed to get a tremendous amount of support with District leaders,city committee men and women, whom he said were all standing with him in his campaign.

"I am excited about this race, I am looking forward to a win because I believe a win in this race is a win for the people and to give them the power that is due to them. I have been dealing with this for 33 years. I have seen the pain, sorrow that people go through, we can do better. 

"We are now getting ready to go through the process with the unions. We have democratic clubs that have given us the notch so we are very excited about that. I am looking forward to next five months," Cabrera said.

"We are not only looking forward to the campaigns but to continue hearing the needs of the people, what issues really matter to us the people of the Bronx and how we get there. Our people have tremendous ideas and we are developing a platform that is going to get us right moving and serve as a catalyst for us to move into action."  

He said the needs of the people of the Bronx have been amplified with the COVID-19 pandemic as the borough witnessed disparities which saw the communities of color hit the hardest with the virus. 

"So we have to give the power back to the people and that is one of the things in my campaign, to give the power to the people. We just had Eleanor Dowe in Webster houses pass away because they were not given the power to even have a working elevator and she walked down the stairs to catch her Access-A-Ride and she ended up dying a couple of days ago," Cabrera said. 

"We need to give the power to our people, the disparity we have in our education where the state is not giving us what is due to the Bronx and for that matter New York City. 

"We need to give power to the people when it comes to jobs, especially entrepreneur businesses, restaurants workers and owners who have not received their due here in the Bronx, only one percent in the contracts that we have in the city."

Cabrera said he had since spoken to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio on the lack of business opportunities for Bronxites.

"We spoke to the mayor about this and he agreed that we need to do something different. He is committed to have contracts now go to smaller businesses rather than just giving to two people for the entire city. 

"It makes no sense if we are going to bring stability to the city of New York," he said.

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