December 3, 2022
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Northwest Bronx Democrats support Fernando Cabrera for Bronx Boro President 

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Bronx NY- The Northwest Bronx Democrats has chosen their candidate for Bronx Borough President, current Councilman Fernando Cabrera

"From his inception in 2009, since we were on the losing side of that race ( we supported Yudelka Tapia)  our organization has kept a tremendous eye on him. We supported his election in 2013 and then on , for one simple reason, he's a district listener- and exactly what we believe the borough of The Bronx needs , especially right now" says Founder of NWBx Dems founder Anthony Rivieccio.

The NWBx Dems executive board has high- lighted Dr Cabrera efforts regarding: Public Safety, where the good doctor sponsored the Cure Violence initiative, with over 27 million dollars allocated to 21 districts, resulting in the most effective reduction of gun violence program in the nation, and honoring the empowerment of women by,  passing Resolution 104 which will increase accountability of batterer intervention programs by requiring that program effectiveness is measured.

Sheila Sanchez, President of the NWBx Dems says, "He wants to build up The Bronx, one community at a time". 

Assemblyman of the 78th AD Jose Rivera , along with others, was a major player in moving the pieces forward for this endorsement . Assemblyman Rivera has also just endorsed Fernando Cabrera for Borough President.

The NWBx Dems have been involved in community and political work in their Northwest Bronx neighborhood since 2003. Their first endorsement goes back to Oliver Koppel in 2009. Since then they have actively involved in over 30 Council, State Assembly & Senate & Congressional candidates, including at the time, rookie insurgents like Gustavo Rivera in 2010 & Mark Gjonaj in 2012.

For 2021 NWBx Dems have "ranked picked" their candidates in the 11th & 15th CD districts: Dan Padernacht, Elisa Crespo, Oswald Feliz & Ischia Bravo. They are currently studying 14th CD candidates and their viability and will make campaign announcements shortly.

If you would like more information,  please call founder Anthony Rivieccio at 347.575.5045

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