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Castillo appointed as president of CIESART Headquarters in Philippines


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo has been appointed as the President of the Official CIESART Headquarters in the Philippines. 

The appointment is coming as Camara Internacional de Escritores y Artistas, Espana (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) plans its global expansion.

Speaking about the appointment, Ms. Castillo said, "I'm pleased to accept this offer and as the president,  I promise to do my best to take CIESART to the next level." 

Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. 

A Doctor of Literature Nominee in 2019, she is the author of 2 books and a co-author to more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 13 languages. 

Dr. Marlon Gruezo and Dr. Sharon A. Villaverde were also appointed as Vice President and Executive Director, respectively.

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