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“I am present and responsive to the needs of my constituents…” – Nathalia Fernandez

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Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez

Recently, Parkchester Times media crew has an exclusive interview with Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, a candidate for New York 34th Senate District in this year’s election.
While responding to questions from Parkchester Times reporters, Hon. Fernandez reiterated that there are several reason why she’s the most qualified candidate for the seat of NY 34th Senate District, as she has the best unbeatable public service records among the contestants for the new political stool.

To comprehensively understand her political views and why she claimed to be the best candidate that can swiftly attend to the needs of the constituents of NY 34th Senate District, relax and enjoy the interview below.

PT:  Tell us briefly about yourself and how you ended up choosing politics as a career.

Nathalia Fernandez: Watching my father start and run his own small business, I was taught the value of hard work and community, which sparked a lifelong passion for public service. Upon graduating from Hofstra University, I began volunteering for change within the Bronx. I served the 80th Assembly District as chief of staff to former Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj. When the opportunity arose to run for State Assembly, I saw it as a way to continue being a voice for my community and achieving real change. Throughout my time as an Assemblymember for the 80th district I have done just that, securing millions in funding for my community and being a true advocate for all working people of this district. 
PT:  What have you significantly achieved so far in your political career?
Nathalia Fernandez: I have brought millions of dollars to schools, parks, community groups and health institutions in my current district. I introduced and passed the Andrew Kearse Act into law, which imposes civil liability for failure to obtain medical care to a person in custody. I introduced the 21st Century Anti-Stalking Act, which protects victims of online sexual harassment. I’ve been an advocate for my district in securing more funding for our schools and educating our youth on financial literacy.  
PT:  As a candidate running for 34th Senate District, what are your specific plans for your constituents?
Nathalia Fernandez: I am fighting for climate resiliency, accessible and affordable transportation and a stronger local economy, building up our stronger small businesses for The Bronx and Westchester. I have been a voice for this community. As an Assemblymember, I have made it a point to be present in our neighborhoods, having real conversations with our constituents and bringing those concerns to the halls of Albany. My work is geared towards real solutions.
PT:  What makes you stand out among other contestants?
Nathalia Fernandez: I have proven that I am present and responsive to the needs of my constituents, and that I get things done. As much as I’ve been on the streets of my community, I’ve been in the halls of Albany fighting to bring back resources for my community. I don’t think anyone I’m running against can say that. During these times we can’t afford to have our state senator learn on the job.
PT:  What’s your final message to your constituents?
Nathalia Fernandez: I want The Bronx and Westchester not to just recover from the pandemic, but to thrive and I have the experience to make that happen. My commitment to you is this: I will listen. I will learn and I will achieve comprehensive change.

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