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Mayor Adams announces $14.5 million to create cleaner city across boroughs

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, has announced $14.5 million in new funding to create a cleaner city through a major upgrade to cleanliness protocols across the five boroughs.

According to Adams, the ‘Get Stuff Clean’ initiative will invest $14.5 million this fiscal year alone to clean more than 1,000 ‘No Man’s Land’ neglected areas around the city.

The initiative will also increase litter basket service, expand camera enforcement against illegal dumping, and bring on additional rat exterminators — resulting in faster and more reliable cleaning of every corner of the city.

“From day one of this administration, we have been focused on ‘Getting Stuff Done,’ and, today, we are specifically delivering on the promise to ‘Get Stuff Clean’ for New Yorkers,” said Mayor Adams.

He added, “A big part of today’s initiative is cross-agency collaboration that will result in cleaner streets, more jobs, fewer rodents, and improved quality of life for our city’s 8.8 million residents.

“This $14.5 million investment will help build a cleaner, more welcoming city across all five boroughs and target over 1,000 areas that have long been neglected.”

Adams maintained that New Yorkers are tired of seeing overflowing litter baskets and trash under overpasses.

“Our administration intends to deliver a more functional and more well-kept city for all.”

‘Get Stuff Clean’ includes the following initiatives and new funding to keep New York City’s streets, parks, and public spaces clean.

The initiative will add 200 new DSNY workers to support cleanliness across the five boroughs.

NYC Parks will add new evening shifts for hot spot cleaning and rat mitigation within city parks, made up of 240 NYC Parks’ posts.

“New York City is one of the densest cities in the world and New Yorkers occupy each and every corner, so each and every corner must be clean,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi.

“With additional investment, elbow grease, and smart interagency coordination, our forgotten, neglected spaces like median strips and green space will get and stay clean and litter free for all New Yorkers to enjoy.”

New York leaders commend the initiative, stressing that it will improve the overall quality of life in the neighborhoods, including the often times forgotten ‘No Man’s Land’ areas of our city.

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