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FBI investigates ‘racially motivated’ threats of violence at Black institutions

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation of racially motivated threats of violence targeting historically Black colleges and universities.

According to a report , the FBI has identified one juvenile believed to be responsible for a majority of the threats and the Department of Justice has worked with state prosecutors to hold the minor accountable.

Since January 2022, more than 50 HBCUs, houses of worship, and other faith-based and academic institutions across the country have received racially motivated threats of violence.

The investigation of these threats led to the identification of several minors believed to be responsible for the first set of threats made between January 4 and February 1, 2022, the FBI said

“Further FBI investigation identified one juvenile believed to be responsible for these threats.”

Given the federal limitations for charging under-age perpetrators with federal crimes, the Department of Justice worked with state prosecutors to hold them accountable on charges unrelated to the specific threats to the HBCUs.

This individual is under restrictions and monitoring of his online activities.

The FBI is continuing to investigate additional unrelated threats that appear to have originated overseas.

While working with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement partners to curb the threats, the FBI warned anyone trying to instil fear in any community, “especially one that has experienced violence and threats of violence historically.”

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