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US embassy engages PDC to prepare NDPBA for Djibouti

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The United States Embassy’s Office of Security Cooperation has engaged the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) to prepare a National Disaster Preparedness Baseline Assessment (NDPBA) for Djibouti.

This was disclosed in a statement on Thursday December 1, 2022.

PDC shared its findings this week with representatives from Djibouti’s Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health, the U.S. Embassy, and representatives from the UN.

The NDPBA serves as a current snapshot of the multiple hazards Djibouti might face, its vulnerability and susceptibility to those hazards, and Djibouti’s ability to cope or respond to the hazards.

The NDPBA also supports and justifies future Humanitarian Assistance from multiple organizations.

In addition to the findings from the NDPBA, PDC also provided access and training to their online geospatial system, DisasterAWARE, which can be used for hazard monitoring, data collection, and as a significant aid to early warning detection systems.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Madar from SEGRC said about the Assessment, “This was very informative and positive step towards better preparedness. Disasters are happening more and more so thank you all for your joint efforts to increase Djibouti’s capabilities.”

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