January 30, 2023
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New York doctor fined $2 million for illegally billing Medicaid

A New York doctor, Dr. David DiMarco, has been fined 2 million for illegally billing Medicaid.

This fraud was unveiled by the State Attorney General, Jennifer James, via her Facebook page on Thursday December 22, 2022.

According to James, the doctor who lives in Western New York and his companies “illegally billed Medicaid over a thousand times”.

“We’re forcing him to pay over $2 million for this fraud and for taking resources away from New Yorkers,” James said.

Reacting to the case, a New Yorker, Lick Lento, commented, “There is no serious deterrent if it only costs them money. If some poor desperate shlub stupidly robs a bank he goes to real prison for many many years.”

Lento added, “Systematic theft of millions of dollars deserves at least the same prison time as one bank robbery.”

He alleged that White collar criminals are coddled and encouraged.

“Also, this is [an] organized crime. He didn’t do this all alone! He needed all kinds of help to pull this off.”

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