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Mamadou Drame becomes new SAA president, introduces new cabinet

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Mamadou Drame has emerged the president of the Senegalese Association of America (SAA).

The event was held in Harlem in New York on Saturday January 7, 2023.

While transferring the presidency to his dynamic young successor, the former President Sadio Yaya Barry received accolades from the audience who described him as a democratic and patriotic leadership.

“I invite and highly encourage all the Senegalese in the diaspora to join this association to amplify our political and socioeconomic power,” Barry said.

President Mamadou Drame introduced his cabinet and laid out ten (10) point administrative agenda while pledging continued success of the association in uniting all the Senegalese in the diaspora as one of his immediate tasks.

SAA, founded in Harlem in 1989, is the national umbrella organization that represents other state chapters while serving its immediate constituents in the tristate area.

The association had its democratic changing of guards from the outgoing administration to its successor.

According to some of the founding members present at the ceremony, there has never been a problem with the transfer of power from one president to another since the inception.

Presidential term was two years and two terms maximum, which they recently increased to three year term and two terms maximum starting with this new administration.

The Senegalese are widely known as hardworking, family oriented and peaceful people in their homeland and in their communities in the diaspora.

They are disciples of democracy, generosity, self reliance and peaceful coexistence wherever they live.

The overwhelming majority of the Senegalese in the Americas migrated to the United States in the last four decades.

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