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Muslim Media launches peaceful global campaign against Islamophobia

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The Chairman and Publisher of Muslim Media Cooperation, New York, USA, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, has launched a global campaign against Islamphobia.

The hashtag campaign is aimed at discouraging the burning of the Holy Quran around the world.

This was confirmed in the statement signed on Monday January 23, 2023.

“In light of the ongoing burning of the Holy Quran by individuals from various places in the world, Muslim Media Corporation has decided to launch a counterattack by encouraging the international uploads of the most beautiful recitations and interpretations of the Holy Quran with the hashtag #savedintheheart since millions of people memorized the Quran,” Drammeh said in the statement.

According to him, ‘Saved In The Heart’ hashtag helps to centralize responses to these actions against holy Quran.

The convener maintained that “the Quran itself provides us answer to such actions. The most appropriate answer therefore is to have at least one million uploadeds of recitations and interpretations using the hashtag #SavedInTheHeart.”

He, therefore, implored the Muslim ummah to join the noble action and invite others to do likewise.

“Muslims must not react to these ignorant actions with violence when we can use them to spread the message of the Holy Quran globally, intellectually and peacefully. Thank you,” Drammeh stated.

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