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Americans hit Kamala Harris over ‘negative’ comment on past administration

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American citizens have hit back at the country’s Vice-President Kamala Harris, over her comment on the past administration.

“President Joe Biden and I took office during the worst economic crisis in a generation,” Harris said in a tweet on Sunday.

“While there’s still more work to do, two years later, our economic plan is working with 12M new jobs created, 10.5M total new businesses created, and the lowest unemployment in 54 years.”


An American, Louis Merinelli,  commented that “Ridiculous lies from this incompetent and sorry excuse of a vice president.”

He added, “Every time the Democrats are in power, the preceding years were “the worst economic crisis in a generation.” They say this to lower the bar of expectations.”

The Ghost of El Guapo maintained that Mr.President could make President’s Day “2023” perfect.

“If you would take just a few minutes out of your day. To fire Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray. I thank you.”

@Capable perform reacted that “How many of those 12m new jobs are part-time, minimum wage, or gig work? Employement is good but our current economy is fueled by corporations paying as little as possible. We shouldn’t call it a “created job” if someone needs two or three to barely pay rent.”

Another American, Teresa Scofield, stated, “I don’t know if that’s really true? When Trump was in office I could afford gas, groceries electricity. I think you should go back and check your facts.”

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