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Community organizer launches campaign to improve quality of life for African immigrants in Harlem

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Sheikh Musa Drammeh of the Muslim Media Corporation, has announced a new campaign called ‘SetSafe’, aimed at improving the quality of life for African immigrants in Harlem.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh’s ‘SetSafe’ campaign was initiated in response to complaints from local residents and community leaders about the negative impact of noise, street mess, and rowdy gatherings on West 116th Street. By collaborating with local agencies, community leaders, and the NYPD, Sheikh Musa Drammeh was able to effectively address these concerns and improve the overall safety and cleanliness of the area.

What is particularly impressive about the ‘SetSafe’ campaign is its emphasis on stakeholder collaboration. Sheikh Musa Drammeh recognized that improving public safety and quality of life in big cities requires the participation and cooperation of all stakeholders, including community leaders, government agencies, and law enforcement.

Another notable aspect of the ‘SetSafe’ campaign is its focus on improving public safety and cleanliness. The name of the campaign, ‘SetSafe’, comes from the Wolof word for ‘clean and safe’. This is a fitting name for a campaign that seeks to improve the quality of life for African immigrants in Harlem, and it reflects the values and goals of the campaign.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, who has offered to assist other community organizers in tackling similar issues in major African cities, emphasized the importance of stakeholder collaboration and improving public safety before economic development and tourism.

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