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Eid Celebration: Parkchester resident laments noise pollution, urges authorities to intervene

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A resident in Parkchester, Tyrone Birkett,  has lamented highly disturbing noise pollution in the neighborhood during the Eid celebration.

Expressing his displeasure over the uncivil attitudes of some of the neighbors, Birkett decried the rate at which the whole area is made uninhabitable for others.

“Living in a civil society means that while you celebrate your festivals, you must be considerate of your neighbors,” he complained.

He added, “Singing on a loud sound system and fireworks after 10, 11pm is crazy. It’s 11:55, and I got a truck blocking McGraw from the festival with car horns blasting because they cannot get by. You want to be respected, it goes two ways.”

While reacting, a fellow resident, confirmed, “And this happens every year. If you don’t live by Starling, be thankful. It felt as if they were in my apartment last night, not outside. It was louder than ever.”

A Parkchester resident confirming the reported noise pollution

Another resident, Rico Marrero, said, “I agree when living in a community in a civil society there are rules. Most of us work in the morning and don’t sleep all day long. I called 311 last night. It’s a complete violation! I don’t understand why don’t they celebrate at the OVAL like we all do when there are concerts! It’s not fair they blocked part of Unionport Rd & McGraw which are 2 main blocks!”

Marrero called on Parkchester public safety to do their job along with Precinct 43.

“When they do concerts in Soundiview on Morrison Ave with a stage there is a permit involved. I didn’t see any permits last night! The rules should apply to everyone!” he said.

Rico Marrero confirming the noise pollution

Cynthia Cee reacted, “I totally agree when it’s the 4th of July we get a half hour of spectacular fireworks, but they shut it down it should be no difference for anyone celebrating! Hence they should only have a limited amount of time to do fireworks.”

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