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Parkchester resident rejects unauthorized ‘carpet inspection’, denies officers entry

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A resident in Parkchester, Minnie Garcia Almedina, has rejected what he considered as an unauthorized ‘carpet inspection’ in his apartment.

Almedina, who raised the alarm via a Facebook group, Parkchester Watch Group, on Tuesday April 25, 2023, state that he has been living in the apartment for more than seventeen years.

“I’ve been living in my apartment for 17 years, I don’t know what games Parkchester is playing but I will not allow anyone into my apartment because Parkchester wants to do a carpet inspection,” Almedina said.

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She added that he had called his landlord to ask him if he was informed of Parkchester wanting to do a carpet inspection. “He said no and they are not allowed to ask security to do carpet inspections. He asked if not let them in.”

“I didn’t let them in since it was two male officers. I requested a female officer which they said we record everything. I didn’t ask them that like I said I would prefer a female officer if you want access to the apartment I live alone as my daughter is away for college.

“Like I said I’ve been living here since 2005 only once did Parkchester do a carpet check I got a ticket my landlord was able to fight it.

“I’ve had carpet down since 2005 so I know Parkchester had no business bothering me for something that I’ve done 17 years ago,” she said.

She continued, “I briefly opened my door. I asked them if they saw a carpet they didn’t say a word they just stared at me and I slammed the door in their face told them to have a great day

“Oh I was threaten[ed] with a summon if I didn’t let them in
I have the right to have some type of notice when I’m going to have an inspection.”

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