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Parkchester resident decries poor provision for patients on wheels


A Parkchester resident, Virginia Montalvo, has decried poor provision for patients on wheels.

The resident stated this via a popular Parkchester Community Facebook page on Tuesday May 2, 2023.

“Yesterday I had to call an ambulance to excort my husband to the hospital. It was such a struggle to lower him on a chair because the gurney doesn’t fit in the elevator and we don’t have ramps for the steps leading out to the pathway that is in such a horrendous state. The chair kept getting stuck in the holes and the loose garvel all the way to the street,” Montalvo said.

He added, “I would very much like to see this path way by Mcgraw ave that leads to Unionport Ave refaced, completely and correctly and by professionals, not the patch jobs they have been doing for the pass few years.”

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