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Trump faces biggest legal threat as documents case opens in court

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Former President Donald Trump has been scheduled to appear in court to face numerous felony charges related to mishandling classified information, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing criminal investigations that threaten his campaign to regain the presidency.

Departing from his golf course in Miami, Trump planned to make the 25-minute journey by motorcade to the federal courthouse. There, he was expected to plead not guilty to 37 counts, including unlawfully retaining classified documents and obstructing efforts to recover them. With Trump running for reelection, his devoted supporters had already taken to the streets, prompting Miami police to prepare for possible protests, estimating crowds of up to 50,000 and taking precautions for potential violence.

In an interview with a local conservative Hispanic radio station, Trump decried the situation as an unprecedented witch hunt, emphasizing the criminal and egregious acts committed by others before turning their attention towards him.

The billionaire businessman, who was turning 77 the following day, faced accusations of deliberately hoarding government secrets labeled as classified. These documents were allegedly taken unlawfully to his beachfront mansion in Florida after leaving office in 2021, with Trump refusing to return them and allegedly conspiring to obstruct investigators seeking their recovery. Additionally, he was charged with sharing sensitive US secrets with individuals lacking security clearance. This case carried much graver implications than any previous legal challenges he had encountered, as the charges could result in lengthy prison sentences.

Despite the impending court case, Trump, currently the frontrunner in the 2024 Republican primary, remained determined to continue his presidential bid, regardless of the outcome. Consequently, a unique scenario emerged in US history, with a legal battle intertwining with an electoral campaign.

The indictment, spanning 49 pages, was dismissed by Trump as “ridiculous.” It contained photographs illustrating boxes purportedly belonging to the National Archives, which were found stacked at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach residence, in various locations, including a ballroom, bathroom, and shower.

Security measures were bolstered around the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Courthouse in Miami, given the planned protests, including one organized by a local chapter of the far-right Proud Boys group. In an attempt to promote peaceful demonstrations, Miami’s Republican mayor, Francis Suarez, encouraged protesters to express their sentiments in a nonviolent manner.

Following the court proceedings, Trump was expected to travel to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he would deliver a speech to his supporters, reiterating his innocence. However, his legal troubles were far from over, as he faced multiple felony charges related to financial fraud in a separate New York case scheduled for trial in March of the following year.

In addition to the ongoing documents probe, led by special counsel Jack Smith, which was exploring Trump’s involvement in the 2021 US Capitol riot, state and federal investigators were scrutinizing his efforts to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election.

Despite Trump’s latest indictment, his allies in Congress and his rivals for the presidential nomination largely rallied around him, decrying what they perceived as the politicization of the government to target conservatives. Some Republican lawmakers faced criticism for using rhetoric that potentially incited violence. For instance, Louisiana’s Clay Higgins urged his supporters to “buckle up,” while Arizona’s Andy Biggs tweeted, “We have now reached a war phase. An eye for an eye.”

The Southern District of Florida, known for its swift legal proceedings, aimed to expedite the trial and potentially conclude it before the 2024 election. The initial focus of the preliminary proceedings centered on District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee randomly assigned to the case. Her decisions had previously favored Trump, causing delays in the investigation until a conservative appeals court ruled that she had exceeded her authority.

An alternate judge would preside

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