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Parkchester resident laments cockroach invasion, hoarding neighbor

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A Parkchester resident, Kashif Stone, has called for urgent help over cockroach invasion into her apartment.

Lamenting the insensitivity of the Parkchester Maintenance to the matter, she complained bitterly that nothing has been done by the concerned authorities.

“I sprayed roach spray in front of my neighbors door and 5 minutes later there were tons of dead roaches crawling out of his apartment. I have reported him to Parkchester Maintenance multiple times and they have done nothing to address his roach infestation,” she complained.

She added, “The problem is so bad that the roaches are starting to crawl on the walls in the hallway and next to my door. I’ve put down boric acid multiple times but he is not addressing his infestation and sooner or later it’s going to spread to other apartment. Any advice on what I should because I’m losing my patience at this point.”

A resident, Miranda Hobbs, advised that she call 311 to put in a complaint.

“That way it’s reported in city records. This is unacceptable. Your neighbor is making it hazardous for you and the rest of the tenants on your floor. If this is outside his door, I can only imaging what’s inside,” Hobbs said.

In her reaction, another resident, Bdaliz Aries, said, “There’s a lot of old citizens in Parkchester. A lot of them are hoarders and very sick. He could be one of them and we just don’t know [be]cause they hardly never open the door to no one, and they end up dying by themself (sic) have no family and no one taking care of them at all.”

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