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Parkchester residents react as police step up patrol

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Residents in Parkchester, of The Bronx have reacted to the recent surge in police patrols in the area.

Vicky Cruz Allen, a local resident, has observed a noticeable increase in the presence of Parkchester police and security personnel patrolling Metropolitan Avenue..

She remarked that over the past two weeks, she has seen the Parkchester police and security intensify their patrols in my neighborhood.

Vicky Cruz Allen, said “I’ve noticed that for the past 2 weeks parkchester police/security have stepped up on Patrolling my area Metropolitan ave their all over the place!”

D-Nice Rodriguez, another resident, speculated about the reasons behind the heightened police presence. She said she believed it could be due to the homeless situation or “maybe they are preparing for a protest”.

“I was just discussing this, I feel it’s either because of the homeless situation or they are preparing for the protest,” she said.

Catherine Pimentel noted a specific change in the police’s approach, saying she has noticed more officers on bikes lately.

She maintained that they can be seen riding along Metropolitan Avenue and going down to Castle Hill, near the liquor store.

She said she had even witnessed them stationed by the building, keeping an eye on the crowd there.

“I’m seeing more on bikes. And on metropolitan doing down to castle hill by liquor store I see them standing by by the building checking out that crowd,” Catherine Pimentel said.

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