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Parkchester resident expresses disappointment over attitude of service department rep


A resident in Parkchester in Bronx, has expressed her disappointment over the unprofessional attitude of the service department representative.

The resident simply identified as Mariela Ramirez took to the popular Parkchester Facebook group, Parkchester Watch Group, on Friday to express her displeasure.

“Every time I call Parkchester service department, the same girl picks up and she always has an attitude. I don’t understand,” she lanented.

Reacting to the complaint, the group Admin, who’s also resident in Parkchester, Sim Ona, suggested that she should get the lady’s name and “Ask to speak with the manager. If no one calls you, keep calling back and use their instant messanger (sic) system to state you want to speak with a manager. Ive only had to do this once.’

Another resident identified as Day Ber reacted, “Yup that’s true…. Some need training in Customer Service… The majority are not like that and are very polite and helpful… They better be more careful cause I come with receipts.”

Also commenting on the report, Ricky Stukes, wrote, “Sorry that you’re going through this unwanted occurrence. But sometimes they fail to realize that there being recorded.

“Also work ID number name and time and station whoever handle our calls. So when you make your complaint make sure you tell whoever you’re speaking to. Is that you know all this information. And you would like to see it through.”

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