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Parkchester residents schedule rally for Saturday, lament inaccessibility to basic amenities

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Residents of Parkchester in the Bronx have organized a rally to address their concerns about the lack of basic amenities in the area.

The rally, tagged “Know Your Right,” is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at 11 am.

Peter Raymond Hamilton, the organizer of the rally, announced this information on Friday through the popular Parkchester Facebook group, Parkchester Watch Group.

According to Hamilton, the event will commence at Virginia Park, located near the Parkchester Train Station, specifically at the intersection of Westchester Ave and Cross BX Expressway.

Hamilton emphasized that the rally would proceed regardless of the weather conditions, stating, “Our rally will take place rain or shine.”

He also outlined a set of guidelines for the participants to follow, urging them to maintain a peaceful and orderly demonstration, avoid noise pollution, and refrain from obstructing entrances.

“Peaceful, calm orderly, no use of sound amplification, do not block entrances. When we begin to March, [we] must stay on sidewalks. Make your signs and bring them,” he said.

During the march, he emphasized the importance of staying on the sidewalks.

Hamilton encouraged attendees to create and bring their own signs, while adhering to the regulations specified by NYC law, which prohibits the attachment of signs to wooden sticks, plastic, metal poles, or public property like trees, light posts, or police barriers.

Hamilton explained that the demonstration aims to draw attention to several demands from the residents, including the provision of adequate heating and improved public safety measures to address crime concerns.

He stressed the need for authorities to prioritize the welfare of the residents and expressed dissatisfaction with the subpar management of waste in the area.

Hamilton stated, “Heat is a human right. NYCHA has heat, but my condo doesn’t! Mismanagedchester. Fix the sinkhole.”

In preparation for the rally, Hamilton encouraged participants to familiarize themselves with their rights, referring them to the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) for more information. He emphasized the importance of organizing a successful, peaceful, orderly, and lawful event.

Hamilton highlighted the constitutional right of New Yorkers to engage in peaceful protest activities on public sidewalks, streets, and parks. This includes the distribution of flyers or leaflets, holding press conferences, demonstrations, rallies, and marching on public sidewalks and streets.

He acknowledged that the city imposes certain restrictions and, in some cases, requires permits to ensure that demonstrations maintain order, do not negatively impact the neighborhood, and prioritize public safety.

“At the same time, the City imposes restrictions, and in some instances requires a permit, to ensure that demonstrations maintain order, do not have a negative impact on the neighborhood, and keep people from harm,” he concluded.

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